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About Cookies

General information about cookies and how we use them on our website.

We use cookies to improve user experience on our website,  

Cookies are a piece of data sent from website and stored in your browser to enhance your visit to the website. Cookies can be required to allow a web to function properly as websites are stateless (they don't remember user information from one internal page to another). In some cases, they are used to track user actions within one website or across multiple websites in order to collect anonymous usage information or identify interests and map behaviour to be able to offer relevant advertisements.

Necessary cookies
The most common necessary action performed using a cookie is user authentication. When you log in to any website, a cookie is stored in your browser including some piece of data used by the web to remember who is authenticated when you go to another internal page or refresh the site.

Cookies are also used so that a web knows what's in your shopping cart, store user settings and more.

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies are not necessary but very helpful. We use cookies to collect data (such as number of visitors), which helps us improve and update our website. While browsing our website, you provide us with information that does not reveal your personal identity. The information collected is in most cases anonymous but some services collect information that can be used to identify the user. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can at any time block them by adjusting the cookie settings in the lower left corner of the screen. However, visitors should understand that doing so can result in negative user experience.